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Your keycode can be found on the lower left on the back of your Webroot box
Once you reach A download of wsabbs.exe file will begin automatically.
Or Follow the below link to visit official website.

Follow The Below steps to Download Webroot Security

Open Internet

Open any internet browser Google Chrome, Internet explorer or Mozila firefox

Internet Browser

Webroot URL

Simply type at the address bar on the top of your browser

wsabb webroot file

Find wsabbs.exe file

Generally you can look at the left bottom for Wsabbs.exe file and open.

webroot keycode


Type The keycode which is on the back of the the box that starts with letter SA..



Webroot -Secure Anywhere software protect devices from Virus and Malware. Malware's are small kind of programs which comes from internet without our permission and hide somewhere in our devices. It can be spyware, ransomware, rootkits, Trojan. Webroot protect our device from all these malware's and gives us assurance to visit any website securely. Under the interface you will get Web Shield and Firewall Protection

Quick interface

Interface of is very fast and user friendly; Once reach to the web-page a file will start downloading automatically. or on web-page a simple instruction is mentioned which can be followed.


If we compare Webroot with  popular software like McAfee, AVG, Kaspersky or Nortan. It takes less Money, Time and Space. Webroot Secure Anywhere also having optimization tool inside which is very helpful to clean computer. If we talk about price Webroot 1 year subscription comes in only $20-$30 which is half of other security software. Apart from that if we download any other security software it takes 5 or more minute to download depending on the internet speed, File size is 10 times bigger then webroot. Then also Webroot covers most of feature other security software have.


No worries and download anywhere because its webroot secure anywhere. It support almost all Windows systems like Windows 7,8 or 10. Also download in Mac . Do you have android phone, tablet or IOS? Simply download anywhere.

About Webroot

The best thing about Webroot is that it is super protective yet super light weight. It can be compare with the biggest names in Antivirus software in terms of power, Interface protection, however, it only requires a fraction of the storage space and processing usage.

Is it really possible? Well Yes, whereas most antivirus products will download a huge database of known programs to your computer for reference, Webroot is using advance technologies which is called – CLOUD. When a new file arrives on your device, it simply cross-checks the information online, and gives you a decision.

If the file is known to be good, Webroot does nothing. If the file is bad, Webroot wipes all traces from your hard drive.


We honor our commitments and we treat everyone with respect.


Customer success

We measure our success by our customers’ success.



We set a high bar for ourselves and our teams, and continuously pursue excellence in everything we do.



We lead through ingenuity and creative problem solving.

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Webroot Keycode Got Ripped Off ?

First of all, we peel off webroot keycode from back of the box. As a result webroot keycode got ripped off.

Obviously Keycode which we get from store that is unique for you only. In short this is very difficult to recover the same now. Neither Local store nor webroot customer support will help you in this much. 

What should we do if webroot keycode got ripped off?

Option 1

  • Firstly look at the back of the box again and find membership id.
  • Second Search for webroot support number, They are open only Monday to Friday official timings only. Make sure you calling at right time.
  • Once you get somebody online straightaway brief about issue and tell your webroot keycode got ripped off.
  • Provide membership id and ask for Your keycode associated with the Membership id
We hope, In this way you will get your code back.

Option 2

If by mistake webroot keycode got ripped off, Visit the same store you purchased webroot product.

Generally they do not return the product but you can give a at-least one try to get back your keycode back, Overall paid a good amount of money on the product. In case they are not returning the product ask them for help to install the same by option 1.

Alternatively we are always available to help for any webroot related issue including webroot keycode got ripped off.